Agricultural Mechanization

Agricultural mechanization is a legitimate wish of farmers who hope, by this means, to reduce their penalties and increase their incomes.

Because of its high cost, agricultural mechanization can not be improvised. A serious study of the equipment to be used and its profitability must be carried out before any acquisition, at the risk of serious failures.
It is in order to make the cultivable areas profitable and to improve the yield of the farmers that our company has embarked on the path of mechanization.
We offer four possibilities to the operator to introduce mechanization:
Being possessor of agricultural equipment we come to do the work of plowing, harrowing and possibly sowing against payment of a price fixed to the surface unit or to the hour of work.
Two or three farmers or more associate to buy from us the agricultural equipment necessary to cultivate all their fields. They do however benefit from training in the use.
A single farmer buys the farm equipment needed to grow his fields.
One or more operators make their exploitation available for an operating contract.
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