CALAFI Sarl offers you expertise for the development of your agricultural projects. From land development to harvesting and marketing, CALAFI is your ideal partner. We offer mechanized agricultural services such as: stumping, plowing, sowing, fertilizing, harvesting. In addition to the provision of services, we offer you the possibility of acquiring German agricultural tractors and accessories adapted to the size of your projects and of which an after-sales service with availability of spare parts is ensured.


Sustainable agriculture Doing better with less: a new approach to agricultural development ... Calafi Sarl aims to promote the (more…)...

Agricultural Mechanization

Agricultural mechanization is a legitimate wish of farmers who hope,by this means, to reduce their penalties and increase their incomes. (more…)...

Renewable Energies

CALAFI Sarl is your ideal partner for all solar energy works. We work in rural areas with our project "Lighting up every household"...


With our professional experience, we provide commercial representation for many other foreign companies that wish to operate in Africa and Togo in particular....

CALAFI Engineering

Ideal partner for all your construction projects, Metal construction .......

CALAFI consulting

We offer a consulting service for your agricultural and agro-industrial projects....


It is the most cultivated cereal in all regions of Togo. It is found in different colors that confers its albumen. In Togo, mainly yellow maize and white maize are


Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant.


100% vegetable, high in protein and low in cholesterol.


Cocoa beans are the seeds of the cocoa tree, which are used for making chocolate. They are extracted from the berries, which are opened at the harvest and are dried.