Agricultural inputs

The optimal application of technological packages promoted on farms for an increase in national agricultural production requires different prerequisites, including a regular supply of inputs and agricultural equipment. Supplying quality inputs in sufficient quantities at favorable times and at affordable prices is an essential condition for producers to be able to implement the agricultural techniques most likely to increase their productivity and Income. The major agricultural inputs that low-income farmers should have access to are seeds and quality plant material, fertilizers, crop protection products, agricultural equipment and equipment.
CALAFI Sarl, apart from agricultural mechanization, defines some priority actions in terms of inputs:
To meet the urgent need to increase the level of food production in rural areas, support is provided to producers to cover the theoretical seed requirements for each crop year.
Fertilizers and phytosanitary products:
To maintain in the short term a policy of making fertilizers and phytosanitary products essentially natural and organic in order to achieve a rapid intensification of agricultural production in order to respond to a sudden increase in food demand.

These inputs improve yield and productivity while ensuring good income for farmers in an integrated agricultural development spirit.